Debt security of a loan made by the holder to the issuer

  • Sovereign / Government bonds, supra-national bonds, corporate bonds and asset-backed securities.
  • Fixed-rate bonds, floating-rate bonds, fixed to floating rate bonds, hybrid and convertible bonds.
  • Available in AUD, USD, EUR, GBP and other currencies.

AUD Bonds

USD Bonds

Other Currencies

How to participate in newly issued bond investment?

Applying for new bond issuance is one of the important ways for bond market investors to buy high-quality bonds at a low price to obtain capital gains. Due to the asymmetry of financial market information, most investors know little about the issuance process of new bonds, so they can only access the secondary bond market with higher premiums, and miss many precious investment possibilities.

To participate in the issuance of bonds in the primary market, even institutional investors must make a decision and submit the subscription amount within a few hours of “book building”. Once missed, they can only purchase in the secondary market and pay an additional premium. Due to the blocked information channel, individual investors often only learn information about new bonds after the new bond issuance.

Therefore, Candour’s Wechat Official Account will provide the indicative quotation and tentative issuance date of the new debt to you after the “Roadshow” and decision of issuing the new debt before the “bookkeeping” to break the information asymmetry and let you prepare in advance to purchase your wanted bonds.