Global Logistic & Industrial REITs

At Candour Capital, we design and directly source a range of structured investments from top-tier financial institutions for wholesale investors, financial advisers and family offices. Normally, structured investments are provided by large banks to their Private clients and we want to change that. They are now accessible through us regularly. Investment options are available in AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, and other currencies.  

Fixed Coupon

Singapore REITs Leveraged Notes

FX Hedged | Daily Liquidity



12 months



Coupon Frequency

Resilience of S-REITs


Good Corporate Governance

Constant effort to strengthen corporate governance in the S-REIT industry, to prioritise investors' interests. 


Exposure to Global Real Estate

Over 90% of Singapore REITs & property trusts hold overseas assets. Offer wide diversity across property sub-segments including industrials. retails, offices, health care and more.


Favorable Framework

REITs listed on the SGX are granted tax transparency treatment generally on rental and related income from Singapore real estate properties.

Implementation Strategy

Ability to hedge FX risk

Allowing to trade AUD-SGD/EUR & hedge the currency risk on a daily basis.

Societe Generale issuer of the note

Capacity to provide internal leverage at a competitive interest rate.

Package investment for a fixed term period

Fixed term period with possibility to extend the term of maturity.

Key Statistics of S-REITs

Source: Bloomberg, SGX, data as of 31 May 2022

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