Brisbane Airport Corporation’s 10-Year A$ Senior Secured Bond

In a move towards Brisbane Airports $5 billion upgrade and preparations for 2032 Olympics, Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited has launched a noteworthy 10-year A$ Senior Secured Bond, raising IOIs exceeding A$1.75 billion. This fixed-rate bond, with launch guidance of +[175-180]bps and an indicative yield ranging from 6.054% to 6.104%, marks a significant financial initiative for the airport’s decade-long development.

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The capital raised from the bond issuance will drive a series of transformative projects at Brisbane Airport, encompassing upgrades to Domestic and International terminals, enhanced security features, and improved check-in processes. The initiative extends beyond terminals, covering expansions in aircraft parking, overlaying the runway, constructing a state-of-the-art Aeromedical facility, and paving the way for a new passenger terminal precinct.

This multifaceted plan anticipates a surge in travellers, expecting a growth of 10 million over the next decade.

Significance for the Brisbane Olympics 2032:
The timing of these upgrades aligns strategically with the Brisbane Olympics in 2032, underscoring the critical role Brisbane Airport will play in supporting the influx of visitors.